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EA areas 2014The forum which is one of the eight across England and was brought about in 2011 to provide focus at Regional level within the Angling Trust. It also has a key role to play in working at both regional and local level with the Environment Agency, providing consultation and partnership on fisheries and angling.  The forum ran at regional level upto the summer of 2014, when the agency annouced that the regional management tier was being removed in thier round of restructiring.

We have therefore introduced a new structure which enables the forum to become focussed at area level. Linking up with the stong consultative structure in existance across the Eastern Region. 

Re-aligned to EA Area level into 3 areas, Lincs & Northants - Beds & Cambs - Essex, Suffolk & Norfolk

New relationship between EA & Anglers at Officer and Area Management level

Much more locally driven and focussed

New Management forum introduced between EA & AT at area level

Potential to hold EA Fisheries to Account as a service

Potential to focus on Fishery Refresh Outcomes

Brings AT Development and Fisheries together



EA areas 11 2014EA areas 12 2014

EA area 5 2014












The forum supports 4 strongly supported consultatives around the region.

All are locally focussed and have great support from the local F&B officers from the Environment Agency.


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